It’s an exciting time to be a part of i+solutions as we embark upon a new phase in re-organizing our organization to suit the needs of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients improve the health of their communities by building sustainable health systems.

We are looking for an intern that could support our Communication Officer in the following aspects:

  • Explore & advice us on the use of Social Media based on your external analysis of best practices;
  • Manage the content for our website and social media channels in the international fora;
  • Analyse and monitor major news outlets and relevant media and advise us of the use of these outlets and media;
  • Maintain an up to date external stakeholder database and key contacts (incl. media);
  • Maintain a list of conference and events;
  • Must be fluent in English;
  • Experience and Interest in Social Media.


What do we offer

  • Intern fee
  • Room for your enthusiasm and initiative to help craft a team
  • An international working environment

About i+solutions

i+solutions is an independent, international not-for-profit organization, specializing in pharmaceutical supply chain management for low and middle income countries. We offer high quality integrated supply chain and consultancy services for HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis treatments, as well as Reproductive Health products and activities. Our main drivers are innovation, information technology, creativity and effective execution.


We help to meet the needs of our in-country partners and organizations by supporting them in taking greater responsibility for their procurement, capacity building, facilities and systems, to become more self-sufficient in local pharmaceutical supply chain management. Our key areas of expertise include:


Procurement & Supply Services
Training & Consultancy Services
Innovative Projects


i+solutions is a young and dynamic organization located in Woerden with a local presence and offices in Washington DC, Burundi, South Africa and Rwanda. In Woerden we employ 60 persons and work with sub-contractors across the globe.

Our clients include international organizations such as WHO, UNFPA, Ministries of Health and  Foreign Affairs, USAID, the Global Fund, UNITAID, NGO’s and private companies. We are the major pharmaceutical procurement partner for the Pooled Procurement Mechanism (PPM) for the Global Fund, with a total yearly procurement volume of over 700 million USD.
i+solutions is a member of the Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM), which is a  partnership of various professional organisations managing  the Pooled Procurement Mechanism (PPM) and other projects. Besides procurement services, i+solutions provides long-term technical assistance to improve supply chain systems within the broader context of health systems strengthening.